Understanding Legal Ethics

Yo, listen up, let’s talk about some laws
And how they determine what’s wrong and what’s right, no flaws
First off, do you know the legal rights when a company suspends you real quick?
Can they do it without telling you the reason, is that a legit trick?
You might wanna know, you might wanna check
Cause you don’t wanna be in the dark, feeling like a wreck
Next up, let’s move to the realm of entertainment
Have you seen an entertainment law contract sample, that’s the arrangement
Between artists and their agents, protect your work
Make sure everything’s clear, no need to go berserk
Academic calendar, now that’s something to track
Especially for LSU law students, don’t lack
Know the dates and events, don’t be a fool
Check out the LSU law academic calendar, stay cool
Now onto something different, it’s about the money
How much does a tax agent cost, ain’t it funny
Check out the pricing and fees, don’t get lost
Understand your expenses, count the cost
Moving on to statutory law, it’s all about medicine
That’s the medical definition, it’s not a dream
Know your rights and obligations, don’t be clueless
Statutory law is no joke, don’t be careless
Then we got the Algo Law Firm, expert services for you
Need legal help, they got your back, that’s true
Check out the Algo Law Firm, they’ll guide you through
Understand the law, know what to do
Last but not least, it’s about morality
In Indonesia, you need to know, it’s your reality
Understand the morality laws, don’t be blind
Know the do’s and don’ts, keep it in your mind
That’s a wrap for now, but before I go
Remember, legal ethics, know the difference, don’t be slow
Whether you’re in pharmacy or any other practice, it’s essential
Know the guidelines for practice, be influential
Understand the law, know your rights
That’s how you navigate the legal heights

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